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Hungarian Committee of Montreal

Hungarian Committee of Montreal

The Hungarian Committee of Montreal ( HCM ) of today was created in March of 1942 in agreement with the listed various religious and civic organizations.

Montreali Magyar Egyházak és Egyesületek Nagybizottsága

Le grand comité des églises et associations hongrois de Montréal

Grand Committee of the Hungarian Churches and Societies of Montreal.

Founders of the Association were:

The Roman Catholic Church

The Hungarian Presbyterian Church of Montreal

The Hungaria Social Club

 Szent Istvan Fraternity Club

The Szekely Cultural Association

This Committee is not a social organization, a club, a cultural association nor is it an alumni.

It is a state of the art organization whose members are from the Hungarian community and organizations composed of various ethnic Hungarian groups.

Why do we have this organization?

Since Hungary was an ally of the Germans during the Second World War, the original amalgamation was the creation of the Hungarian forefront for the protection against harassment during the war years.

Other circumstances played a part in the formation of the Committee, such as;

-  The organization for a common front, their management and coordination.

-  Counselling, financial support for Hungarian patriots newly arrived in Canada.

-  Equal representation for Montreal Hungarians with the official Canadian authorities and or other ethnic groups.

-  To maintain the Hungarian teaching establishment.

-  The preservation, development of the Hungarian culture and the sensitization of the Canadian population towards this culture.

It has been shown that throughout the years the Committee played a critical and important role in the lives of the Montreal Hungarians, its voice is being heard and has an impact within the Canadian Government. In order to increase efficiency and internal workings and a call to reinforce the organization, a name change and a revision of the status was effected in 1980.

Thus the new name :

Comité Hongrois de Montréal

Montreáli Magyar Bizottság

Hungarian Committee of Montreal

Until 2008, the HCM has had 12 Presidents and directors who were all respected members of the Hungarian community.

Various activities of the organization;

-  To organize, arrange and to raise financial resources in order to commemorate national holidays, mainly the March 15 and October 23 celebrations.

-  To coordinate the programs of the various members associations.

-  The updating of our web-site.

-  The organization and department of general management and members meetings.

-  The organization and arrangement of common events with other ethnic groups.

-  To maintain a harmonious relationship with state and local authorities.

-  To help in the process of placing and caring for older members of our community.

-  To organize meetings and conferences between the the nationalities living within the Carpathian basin.

-  To promote and support student groups and artists from Hungary within Quebec and Montreal.

-  To maintain relations with representatives from Hungary and other Hungarian establishments.

-  To search for occasions of cooperation with other associations and organizations within Canada and North America.

The HMC is a registered organization with the Quebec Government since January 25, 1989. Reg #: 1142552919

The HMC is a certified Canadian corporation (L.R.Q., chap.C-38, a. 218. Part 111, the certificate of corporation was received on January 25, 1989.

Actually there are 18 association members present in the composition of the HMC represented by democratically elected delegates.

The management of the 6 members of the HMC, are also democratically elected amongst the delegates of each association member. The committee is elected for a term of 2 years and is responsible for its affairs and financial operations. It is under the obligation to provide an annual working report to the members assembly  and is under the obligation in adopting an approval of this said report.

Contact Information

Kelemen Tibor
Nt. György Attila
Father Licskó Szabolcs
Széll Attila
Ciamara Júlia
Madarász Viktória 
Palkó Aliz 
Tóth Jutka 
Address:90 Rue Guizot West,
Montréal, QC, H2P 1L4
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