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Canadian Hungarian Artists' Collective


Canadian Hungarian Artists' Collective

The Canadian Hungarian Artists Collective (CHAC) is an association of professional artists and supporters of the arts, organized to achieve the following goals:

  • create educational and career-enhancing opportunities between artists in different regions of Canada
  • provide a showcase for Canadian artists of Hungarian descent by organizing curated group exhibitions across Canada and internationally
  • organize projects which invite community participation and advance the cultural awareness and enrichment of the community as a whole
  • assist the career development of emerging and immigrant artists
  • offer members a socially supportive mileu and regular reunions which favor the cultivation of ideas and the continuing appraisal of skills and concepts
  • maintain a web site and data bank for the organization and its members
  • organize fund-raising opportunities to accomplish the above goals

CHAC was founded in March 2002 in the city of Hamilton. Several months later the Quebec branch was created in Montreal. Since then the membership has grown and presently includes more than 60 artists from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. They represent all the current trends in the visual arts sector.

The Collective's head office is located in Montreal.

Contact Information

Blanar Andrea
Ciamara Júlia
Ági Zóni
Szeben Ági
Address:5 Windsor Place,
Beaconsfield, QC,
H9W 3Y4
Telefon: (514) 697-0844; (506) 536-4009 (July & August) 
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