Welcome To Our Web Site

Since its creation in 1942 the Hungarian Committee of Montreal (HCM) has strived to be an organization who is dedicated to its members from the Hungarian community and its various ethnic Hungarian groups.

As president I will keep and maintain a common front, preserve the Hungarian culture, commemorate national holidays, coordinate programs through our various members and promote and maintain a harmonious relationship with the authorities.

I must reiterate that that this organization has no political goals, relationships or interests in any political parties whatsoever. This basic principal has to be maintained as to maintain our independence and adhere to our bylaws.

Since there  are presently 18 association members who organize their own affairs, it has become apparent that with the onset of new technologies available there was a need  for a new website  dedicated for to the proper coordination  and planning of the various social events.

This new website has been designed as to be more flexible and hopefully meet the needs of our community for years to come. It will also be used as a tool to advertise and  promote ourselves to the outside world.

We will be able to advertise various private and public enterprises

With permission, we will be able to promote our artists by posting online their various sculptures, paintings, pictures,  etc.

Use of user- friendly sofware for the planning all social events.

A centralized and standard form of software manipulation will be introduced as to keep continuity. Responsibilty will be assigned to a few of our dedicated members as to maintain the integrity and accuracy of the website.

As we are  still in the embryonic stages of development  we will however be able to add many improvements as time goes on. 

Any recommendations, comments as to the website should be adressed to yours truly.


 Thank you.

 Yours truly,

 Tibor Kelemen, President